How to Become a California Real Estate Agent

Moving into 2010, many people have found themselves looking for a new career. As unemployment levels rise, it is important to find a career path that can withstand economic difficulty. Getting your California real estate license can put you onto a career path that has generated more wealth than any other industry. In a few short weeks you could be on your way to earning unbelievable commissions in the California real estate market.

The requirements are much simpler than you might imagine getting your real estate license in California. The general requirements are few. You must be at least 18 years old and provide proof that you are a resident of the United States. You must also be of good character. Honesty is an essential qualification in order to be considered for a real estate license. Conviction of a crime is not necessarily result in a denial, however not disclosing prior criminal history or disciplinary action will be grounds for denial of your California real estate license. Fingerprinting is required and there is a fee of $56.00 to have it done as a part of the real estate exam application process. There is no experience required to become a licensed real estate agent in California.

As part of the prerequisite education, there are three courses that you will be required to take prior to applying for your real estate license. The courses are 45 hours each for a total of 135 of coursework to qualify for licensure. The first course is Real Estate Principles, which is followed by Real Estate Practice. The final 45 hour course is your choice of a number of different real estate related courses including, but not limited to, real estate appraisal, finance, mortgages, real estate law, escrows and more. Once you have successfully completed all 135 hours with a passing grade, you may apply to take your California real estate license exam.

While you are completing this process, you will want to be looking for a qualified broker. Your California real estate license will be inactive until it is posted in the broker’s office for which you intend to work. Be mindful of important details that you should be certain of before you choose a broker to work for. Things such as commission split, office expenses, and lead generation are all details you need to be clear about before you decide who to sign on with. Since as a real estate agent in California you cannot accept payments from anyone except your broker, you will want to have a broker in mind when you are ready to apply for your real estate license.

The California real estate market is rebounding in a big way and people with a California real estate license will be ready to reap the rewards. Real estate in California is more than just homes for sale; people buying a home in California are buying a lifestyle. You are just weeks away from earning incredible commissions in the California real estate market.

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About The Author: Geoffrey Thompson is an owner and founding partner of Express Schools, LLC. Since 1996 the companies under this banner have offered online real estate licensing and insurance licensing courses as well as online real estate exam prep and insurance exam prep.

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