5 Reasons Why Real Estate Is a Great Career Choice

When you are looking to get started in a new career, there are an endless number of degrees and certification programs available in a variety of fields. Of all of the courses available out there, a real estate license can offer you a solid career with potential that is only limited by how much work you are willing to put into it. These are five of the reasons that real estate is a great career choice.


#1: You can get started right away
Unlike any of the 12- to 24-month long certifications or two year degree programs, you can be earning commissions in real estate in a fraction of that amount of time. In fact, many real estate courses and state exams can be competed in less than two months. A career in real estate can be achieved at a pace that is unmatched by any other career path.

#2: You do not have to go into debt to start a new career
When you look at the costs associated with some of the degree programs out there you will not find a more economical way to begin a new career. The price of real estate courses and licensing exams are remarkably low in comparison to many other career training programs. Instead of beginning a new career thousands of dollars in debt, your education for your career in real estate can in most cases be paid in full with your first commission.

#3: The potential income
Speaking of commissions in real estate, the potential for generating a decent income are tremendous. There are few career paths in history that have created the level of wealth for as many people as real estate.

#4: The need for qualified professionals
Brokers are actively perusing real estate agents. The need for qualified professionals in the real estate market is growing. Real estate is one of the few career paths that has a demand for properly trained agents to handle the increase in market activity due to the tax incentives offered to stimulate housing sales and the stabilizing home prices of the rebounding real estate market.

#5: You can build a business off of one satisfied client
One of the greatest marketing tools that a successful real estate agent has is their client base. When you have one happy client with a purchase like residential real estate, you can rest assured that your satisfied client will be spreading the word about how fantastic their real estate agent was. That sale will lead to that client’s neighbor listing their home with you, and their sister buying her first home from you. In the real estate market you can actually build an extensive clientele with the word of mouth from one happy customer. Not to mention that one happy customer will be your client for life.

Starting a new occupation can be a tense process, but finding a career path that can bring you the forward momentum that you are looking for in a career can be infinitely more stressful. With a minimal investment and a great partner in real estate education, you can be on your way to a prosperous career as a licensed real estate agent.


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