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Count Your Blessings. It’s a lot Worse Elsewhere.

Real Estate Express 2009-01-12

As real estate professionals based in the USA, we certainly have our fair share of challenges today. But we also can be thankful, despite the mortgage crisis and worldwide economic downturn, that we practice our trade here – where downpayments are still 20% or…

Market Forces Forecast a Turnaround on the Horizon

Real Estate Express 2009-01-02

It’s beginning to look like our dark days in real estate are over. All the natural market forces permeating the housing market today are setting us all up for nice rebound in 2009. And once the buying begins again, watch out. It’s going to…

Surviving and Thriving in Today’s Market- Part II

Real Estate Express 2008-12-23

Fortune Magazine just published its top ten list of “Worst Real Estate Markets in the USA for 2009”, and many of the cities that appear on their list are in California. According to the report, Los Angeles-area home values, which had a median price…

Surviving and Thriving in Today’s Market- Part I

Real Estate Express 2008-12-15

During the financial crisis of the 1930’s, my grandfather’s home building business collapsed for lack of capital. In order to make ends meet, my father, who was only a teenager at the time, had the rash idea of converting their front lawn into a…

Glimmers of Hope for the Real Estate Market

Real Estate Express 2008-12-03

Consider these Federal Policy moves: 1. This week, the Federal Reserve lowered interest rates to their lowest level since June of 2005 2. The Federal Reserve unveils a plan last week to buy up $500 billion of mortgage securities backed by government sponsored entities…

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