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Warren Buffett is Bullish on Real Estate Brokerages?

Real Estate Express 2008-11-17

Remember a few weeks ago when Warren Buffett announced that he was buying stocks again, that the bargains were just too good to pass up?   Would it surprise you to know that even though not well-publicized, Mr. Buffett apparently thinks the same about owning…

Real Estate Rebounding on Coasts?

Real Estate Express 2008-11-08

I was just in South Florida on business two weeks ago and I happened to meet some real estate salespeople who were almost too busy to talk to me. My impression was at least in this market, properties are moving again. Then I just…

To Stage is the Rage In Real Estate

Real Estate Express 2007-12-10

It’s funny how a word can come on the scene and take on meaning in a relatively short time. In our distinctively American way, common usage propels these new concepts into the vernacular and even to the dictionary in a few short years. Staging…

Is Real Estate for Me?

Real Estate Express 2007-11-17

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a simple test to tell you if real estate is the right career for you? Maybe the test would sound like this:

Brakes on Federal Reserve Rates Are A Break for Housing

Real Estate Express 2007-08-10

When Federal Reserve Board Chairman Ben Bernanke told Congress it appeared the once high-flying housing market was making a safe landing, he was right on target. On August 8, the Fed left its federal funds target rates alone for the first time in two…

The Benefits of a Career in Real Estate

Real Estate Express 0201-12-05

The unemployment levels nationwide are still at high levels and many people are struggling to find a job to make ends meet. The holidays add even more financial pressure for those who are unemployed or underemployed. Slowly the national economy is beginning to show…

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