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How to Become a California Real Estate Agent

Real Estate Express 2010-02-15

Moving into 2010, many people have found themselves looking for a new career. As unemployment levels rise, it is important to find a career path that can withstand economic difficulty. Getting your California real estate license can put you onto a career path that…

New York Real Estate License Exam

How to Pass the New York Real Estate License Exam

Real Estate Express 2010-01-18

Going after your New York real estate license is an exciting career move. After passing your real estate pre-license coursework you will take the New York State real estate license exam. For many the anxiety of the test is enough to keep them from…

keep your virginia real estate license

How to Keep Your Virginia Real Estate License Current

Real Estate Express 2010-01-15

You’ve obtained your Virginia real estate license and invested quite an effort into growing your career. As busy as you are, the renewal year may pass before you know it, especially in that first year. The good news is that there are online Virginia…

Georgia Real Estate License

How to Get a Georgia Real Estate License

Real Estate Express 2010-01-12

In order to get a Georgia real estate license you will have to meet the requirements put forth by the Georgia Real Estate Commission. There are surprisingly few qualifications you will need to meet in order to obtain your Georgia real estate license. In fact,…

Real Estate Career Facts

Real Estate Career Facts

Real Estate Express 2010-01-07

With the nation’s unemployment rates at an all time high, there is a career that has long been creating wealth for many people around the world. Even in the wake of the housing crisis, a real estate career has more to offer than most…

Take Your Real Estate Continuing Education Online

Real Estate Express 2010-01-06

As a licensed real estate agent or broker, you are aware of the need for continuing education to keep your license active. You are also aware that the schedule of a successful real estate agent can be crowded and difficult to manage. Especially in…

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