How Advanced Technology Will Help Real Estate Agents, Not Replace Them

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Technology is rapidly advancing in every aspect of our lives, and, while it can improve some business models and processes, there is some concern that technological advances may eventually take over some professions, namely working as a real estate agent. However, it’s appearing very evident that finding a proper balance between technology and personalized service in the real estate industry is the key to keeping up with the times in order to be successful.

President of Zillow Susan Daimler is giving a presentation entitled “Modernizing Real Estate Doesn’t Mean Removing the Human Factor” at INMAN Connect New York this April. She will discuss the importance of human-to-human interaction in the real estate industry. Even with emerging technologies taking away a lot of tasks from workers, her presentation will focus on how real estate agents should embrace these advances in technology and make them work in their favor.

Human Connection with Help from Technology

The primary goal of technology is to help bring people together from all over the world and connect in many unique ways. Advanced technology has allowed potential real estate clients to view properties from other states or countries and participate in virtual tours before making travel plans. As real estate professionals, you should take advantage of these technologies and diversify your clientele by reaching out to potential clients and sharing information about available properties, success stories, and even personal tidbits about your career.

Another approach is to promote your business through online conferences, seminars, and classrooms so that potential clients can easily access the information they need without the hassle of making travel plans. You can form a solid and credible business relationship with these potential clients through these virtual events before even meeting them in real life.

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Technologies Enhancing How Agents Conduct Business

As a successful real estate agent, you know there are better ways to spend your time than sorting through mountains of paperwork and contracts. With specific technology designed for real estate agents, your daily administrative tasks could become much more automated and organized, creating more valuable time to connect with prospective clients and build a stronger relationship with your existing clients. As our society strives to become greener, reducing the mountain of paperwork and contracts with digital files will save you the headache and help your clients stay on top of all necessary documentation.

On top of automating your administrative duties, many successful real estate agents also defer to technology for marketing services and strategies. For example, social media is a great tool to promote your business and brand while keeping your clients engaged and connected. You can create an online community for your clients or join online communities of real estate professionals to share knowledge, network, and build referral partnerships. Regardless of what you use technology for in your real estate business, remember that it’s designed to enhance your services and not minimize your expertise.

Personalized Services that Algorithms Can’t Match

As real estate agents, staying up-to-date with the latest technology trends is crucial to attracting clients, creating and converting leads, and closing the deal all while differentiating yourself from the competition. Clients might use technology to initiate their search and learn more about the industry before making a big decision. Still, ultimately, when it’s time to decide, most people will prefer to do it in person. A successful real estate agent should be able to read the client’s expressions and steer the conversation in their favor. Focus on what’s important to your client and use data to paint a picture or tell a story that creates a lasting impression.

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