4 Tips for Obtaining Your Real Estate Brokers License

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By Brooke Tanner

If you have been in the real estate field for a few years and are ready to gain some more education and add some skills to your resume, the next step is to obtain your broker’s license. This article will cover some steps that you can take to ensure you are prepared and successful on test day.  

#1: Verify State Requirements

Visit your state website and ensure that you meet all of the requirements necessary to qualify for a broker’s license. Like with obtaining certifications, getting to that next level has some prerequisites that need to be met to take that test. In most cases, you have to take a qualifying education course for a certain amount of hours required by your state.

Another prerequisite is working as a real estate salesperson for a certain amount of years or equivalent experience. Typically showing that you have continued your education during the time you were acting as a real estate salesperson and keeping up to date on the legal requirements is required as well. These qualifications all vary from state to state, so just be sure that you qualify ahead of time.

#2: Research Approved Licensing Courses

Ensure that you verify on your state website which classes are approved courses for your broker’s license. Several different companies provide this educational service; however, not all courses are approved in every state. Verifying this ahead of time can save you money and time by ensuring it is a suitable course. In some cases, your brokerage may offer you a reimbursement if you choose a method approved by their company, ask your manager or the administrative assistant at the office.

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#3: Mirror Your Program to Your Learning Style and Schedule

Enroll in a course that matches your learning style to ensure that you pick up the information you’re taking in. This will be key to obtaining your license and increase your chance of passing the first time. Is it essential for you to be at an in-person course so you can ask questions or learn from other people in your session? Do you need flexibility with your schedule and have the ability to study on your own time.

For some people, getting a mixture of lectures, visuals, and interactive material is the best way to reinforce it and ensure that it sticks. Whatever your style and schedule are, there is sure to be a training course that matches it out there for you. Real Estate Express offers a great mixture of interactive material, practice tests, discussion boards, and areas focusing on math and real estate practices with great reviews from students that have passed their exams.

#4: Prepare, Practice and Study

One thing is for sure, the broker’s exam is more challenging than the real estate salesperson exam. Put a timeline together and block off time in your schedule to study. It will be easy to say, I’ll get to it later, or I will get started tomorrow if something else comes up. Having time blocked off will help eliminate the temptation to put it off. Ask brokers at your office or others that you have worked with what their experience was. Ask if they have any additional resources that they can recommend or areas to focus on that will help you prepare.

In addition to your educational course, you can purchase practice exams that have similar questions that you will find on the exam itself. Using these can help you get used to the format of the questions, the types of questions on the exam, and some provide a report on areas that you lack knowledge in. 

When you’re ready to buckle down and take your career to that next level, it all comes down to putting in that extra effort and doing the work. In the long run, all of the work will pay off and, the additional knowledge you bring to the table will be recognized.  

brooke tannerAbout the Author: Brooke Tanner is a Real Estate Express alum and real estate agent at Coldwell Banker Schmidt in West Michigan with over 20 years of customer service experience. She strives to be the best resource and trusted advisor for all buyers and sellers by staying on top of industry changes and trends.



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