How to Study for Your Real Estate Exam During Self Isolation

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There’s no two ways about it: studying for your real estate exam in a time of quarantine, social distancing and self-isolation is a unique circumstance. For some people, the sudden influx of time at home is the perfect opportunity to focus on new goals, which can be motivating. On the other hand, studying from home can mean extra distractions and a disrupted schedule. Not to mention there’s the constant news cycle of coronavirus updates, which can be overwhelming. Studying for your real estate exam in the time of coronavirus means you’re probably facing some unusual challenges — and opportunities. 

Here are our best study hacks specifically designed to help you study for your real estate exam while practicing social distancing. 

1. Schedule “news-free” time

Find yourself glued to your phone? While it’s smart to stay informed during this uncertain time, not only is it impossible to know what the future holds in this ever-evolving situation, but it could be counterproductive when it comes to the real task at hand: passing your real estate exam. 

If you’re finding it hard to turn off your anxiety when it comes time to study, consider blocking off several hours during the day where you don’t look at the news, or your social feeds, at all. Schedule these right before your study time, then check the news after if you still feel so inclined. 

2. Create study goals and schedules

Chances are your daily schedule was disrupted as a result of the coronavirus, which can really throw off your plans to study for your real estate exam. Find a “new normal” by creating new routines and schedules that fit with your quarantine or isolation reality. Making your study goals part of this new schedule could help you find purpose during the coming weeks as you achieve small goals. Since it can also be easy for the days of social distancing to start melting together, specific study goals can help you stay focused and motivated. 

Free Flashcards: Make studying for the real estate license exam fun and easy with these free downloadable real estate term flashcards.

3. Create a quarantine-team 

Are you quarantined with your kids, roommates, other family members? Teach them the real estate concepts you’re learning as a way to reinforce your own understanding of the concepts. Get creative about finding ways to turn it into a group activity — chances are the people who care about you most want to support you with your real estate goals, and this is a tangible way for them to help you during quarantine. 

4. Get support virtually

There are so many virtual options to connect and get support while you study for the real estate exam. Here are just a few ideas:

Participate in Instructor Q&As.

If you have our Exam Prep Plus or our Ultimate Learning packages, then you have access to our highly-rated Instructor Q&A sessions. In these sessions, an instructor will be available to go over student questions in real-time over video conference. While these sessions are not required to attend, they are highly recommended if you find yourself having any difficulty understanding certain topics or practice test problems. Plus, they are held at different times throughout the day in order to accommodate as many students as possible. Each session is centered around a theme or topic, but questions about any part of the course or exam are welcome. (Watch this quick video to see which package is right for you).

Schedule video conferencing study sessions with other students so you can study together.

Sometimes simply working with your video on can help keep you accountable, even if you’re not directly engaging in conversation the whole time. 

Reach out to real estate agents for video chats.

Do you know of someone who recently passed the real estate exam in your area? Now could be a good time to reach out to them and ask for a video chat where you can learn about what their experience was like. You might also want to consider video chats with more established real estate agents who can help explain complicated topics and how they relate to your local area. Continually talking about the same topics can help you learn the information thoroughly.

5. Designate a study space

If you’re someone who previously enjoyed studying outside of the house, preparing for the real estate exam in isolation could be challenging. Try designating a specific area for studying that feels different than other parts of your house or apartment. This could mean moving furniture during study time to create a different feel, changing the lighting during study time or choosing one table or desk that you only use for studying. 

6. Create a child care schedule

If you’re trying to balance children at home with studying for your real estate exam (and all of your other household and work responsibilities) first of all, we applaud you. It isn’t easy to tackle all of those obligations at once, but it is possible. If you have a partner at home to help share the load, consider creating a specific child care schedule to help you each get some personal time to work or study. Creating a routine and schedule now can help you stay organized and supported. 

7. Use online productivity tools

It can be hard to stay productive when you’re stuck in coronavirus self-isolation, but there are a lot of productivity tools that can help you stay on track — maybe even a few that you’ll want to continue to use when life goes back to normal. Here are a few ideas:

  • Pomodoro timer: Helps you break focusing down into smaller increments. 
  • Freedom: This distractions blocker can block apps, websites and social media sites on a schedule that you choose. Can’t stop checking the news? This service could help. 
  • Rescue Time: Ever wonder where your time goes each day? Wonder no more with Rescue Time, a tracker that will show you the breakdown for how you spent your day online. 

Do you have any tips for staying productive? Let us know!

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