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Best Places to Relocate Your Real Estate Career

Best Places to Relocate Your Real Estate CareerIf you’re thinking about relocating and taking your real estate career with you, a new report from Goodcall might help you determine the best places to relocate as a new agent. Goodcall is a research and data service that provides consumers with information and guidance regarding personal finance, career choices, academic scholarships, and much more. The organization recently published 2015’s Best Metro Areas For Real Estate Agents, which studied 150 metropolitan areas across the U.S. to determine which are the likeliest hunting grounds for beginning or aspiring residential real estate agents.

Goodcall based its conclusions on the following criteria:

  • Median real estate agent salary
  • Employment (job density, job competition, and job availability)
  • Housing affordability (percent income spent on rent)
  • Amenities per 1,000 housing units
  • Housing market health index
  • Average days a house is on the market
  • Average ratio of house sale price to house list price

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Will a Felony Conviction Prevent me From a Real Estate License?

Earning a real estate license is a fantastic way to embark on a new career path with unlimited income potential. And taking online real estate courses can be more convenient than any other college course or job certification program. Many real estate schools offer classes online, which means you can complete your real estate training from anywhere. For people who are looking for a new start with a new career, real estate is an excellent option; but what about those who need a new start from a less than perfect past? For someone that has had a felony conviction or other questionable action in their background, the answer is that you can get a new start if you want to make the change.

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Important character traits to have when getting a real estate license

No matter what state you want to start your new real estate career in, one of the most important traits looked for in a potential real estate licensee will be good character. You will be asked to disclose any actions that may have been deemed unprofessional or illegal, with or without conviction. Disclosing this information does not necessarily disqualify you for licensure. On the other hand, a failure to disclose information about any such behavior, with or without any conviction, will most likely lead to a denial of license. Continue reading

What Does Your Real Estate Website Say About You?

If you want to keep moving your real estate business forward, you need a website that will hook clients. Your real estate website provides an opportunity for a new client to find your strengths as an agent. Careful planning and consideration on how to organize your website will entice your new clients to contact you for information.
Below are the key ingredients to getting your website into the best shape possible.

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How Top-Selling Real Estate Agents Use Social Media

Face-to-face meetings with your clients are paramount for sharing information with them. But in this world of over-stretched schedules, how do you find new clients, promote your listings and at the same time grow your ROI? It’s time to expand your communication tools by investigating which social media tools and apps can help you build your brand.

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6 Ways to Develop Strong Relationships with Your Real Estate Clients

Aren’t you excited? Your list of clients is growing and there is the possibility of another sale in the near future. But how do you keep your clients happy and satisfied with your working relationship? Don’t wait until a problem arises. Set yourself and your clients up for a gratifying working relationship by following these 6 suggestions.

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