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how to become a real estate agent

How to Become a Real Estate Agent

The steps to earning your real estate license are not overwhelming. However, they may seem that way if you don’t have a clear plan or if last minute “must-haves” appear without warning. To help you understand what you’re getting into, here’s a detailed checklist outlining how to become a real estate agent.

Understand your state’s requirements

The requirements for obtaining your real estate license vary from state to state. The first step in learning how to become a real estate agent in your local housing market is to research what is required in your particular state. Continue reading

how long does it take to get your real estate license?

How Long Does It Take to Get Your Real Estate License?

If you are considering a real estate career, you may be wondering: How long does it take to get your real estate license? The answer to this question depends on three main factors:  which real estate school you choose, how quickly you can complete the pre-licensing coursework, and when the real estate licensing exam will be administered in your state.  If all goes according to plan, it’s highly possible to become a licensed real estate agent in a matter of weeks.

Below is a list of things you’ll need to complete to get your real estate license. Note, some of these may vary slightly by state.

Continue reading

passing your real estate exam

5 Tips for Passing Your Real Estate Exam

The real estate exam is one of the most important steps to getting your real estate license and becoming an agent. Once you complete the pre-licensing course requirements in your state, it’s time to take the exam. Taking any test can be stressful, especially one that impacts your career. To help walk you through the process, here are five tips for passing your real estate exam.

1. Focus your real estate exam prep material

The sheer amount of material that is covered on the real estate license exam can be overwhelming. There are a number of exam prep study aids to help you focus on what you need to study in order to pass. Take practice exams to see where your weaknesses are, and concentrate on improving those areas. Continue reading

How Do Real Estate Agents Get Paid?

One motivation many people have for getting a real estate license is the amount of money that it’s possible to make in the real estate market. But just how are real estate agents compensated for their work? Here’s a brief overview on how real estate agents get paid.

Most often agents are paid by real estate commissions based upon the sale price of a property. The commissions of a real estate transaction are negotiable and tend to range anywhere from 1% all the way up to 10%. For our purposes here we will use a 5% commission rate example. So for a $250,000.00 property, the 5% commission paid upon the closing of that property will be $12,500.00. That does not mean that the agent walks away with $12,500.00. The broker of record will receive a predetermined portion of the commission. Continue reading