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How To Drive Your Real Estate Agent Insane

Real estate agents have to excel in customer service in order for them to be successful. It is in their job description to service the needs of their customers. With that being said, many things you can do inadvertently could drive your real estate agent insane.

Real estate agents are most often paid on a commission basis. If they do not close a sale, they do not make any money. One way you can drive your real estate agent insane is to use them as a tour guide or a way to pass a Sunday afternoon. Looking at real estate can be an enjoyable pastime for many. Leisurely touring the open houses in your neighborhood is a fine way to relax on the weekend, but to call upon your real estate agent to chauffer you to view property after property with no real intention of purchasing a home anytime soon is a waste of their time. It could potentially cost them money by keeping your real estate agent from actually earning any money while they are tied up with you.

Another way to drive your real estate agent insane is for you to not keep appointments or always be late when you do show up. As we said, without the close of a sale, a real estate agent does not get paid. This means a successful real estate agent is always working on closing a deal and any time spent doing anything else is money lost. Waiting around for customers who have know appreciation of being on time can cost a real estate agent money.

Using many agents without signing an agreement with one has the ability to drive multiple real estate agents crazy. This makes more than one agent spend time and money to service a customer only to have another real estate agent collect the commission in the end. On the other hand, to sign with an agent and shop around for houses with no real intention of buying a house and not letting them know that you have no real intention of buying a house will definitely drive your real estate agent insane.

The common thread in all of these is that in real estate, time is money.  Time spent not selling, is another commission that they will not bring home, and when you do not earn a regular salary and rely solely on commissions to support your family, your time is even more important. Quite simply if you want to know how to drive your real estate agent insane, all you have to do is waste their time.

Here’s a thought, have you ever thought about getting your real estate license?

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The Ugliest House On My Block

Most neighborhoods have one. That house. The ugliest house in the neighborhood. The eyesore on the block that all of the other neighbors call “that house” when you discuss the owner and what is happening on their neighborhood. The ugliest house in my neighborhood is right next door. The paint is chipping off, peppering the foot high lawn that are slowly swallowing randomly left behind toys, empty bottles and aluminum cans. The garage door the owner ran into last winter that once hid the disarray kept inside broken and exposing all of its content through the cracked wood and broken glass. Of course, the external beauty of the house could only pale in comparison to the chicken coup they put together out of scrap wood, plastic containers and a roll of chicken wire. Before we knew it, the only sound louder that the rooster in the chicken coup next door was the sound of my property value dropping.

What can you do to protect your investment when someone in your neighborhood is clearly not concerned about his or hers? Depending on where you live, it can be a complicated and lengthy process. This is one reason many people opt to buy where they are under the covenants and restrictions of a homeowners association. Although it can be frustrating to have to ask permission to make changes or improvements to your own home, it offers the security that your neighbors have to maintain their property to a certain standard that you know when you buy.

Those of us who chose to live restriction free could have a lot more work ahead to protect our property when our neighbors are restriction free as well. A good relationship with all of your neighbors is always helpful. If you are all on the same page, you can present a united front. If your neighbor is receptive, you could address them directly and try to resolve the issue. However, if you are like me and your neighbor is not at all interested in anyone’s opinion of the condition of his property, you may have to escalate things further.

It does not require specialized knowledge, nor a real estate license to find a solution to this particular type of problem. However, an effective solution might require research and a little creative thinking.

You should research the building codes in your city, county, or township. Most areas have restrictions against things that could help you force a cleanup of your neighbor’s property. If the lawn is too overgrown, they may be putting the other homes in the neighborhood at an increased risk for fire, or possibly a vermin infestation, especially if there is garbage left around. Building codes in your area may require them to repair broken windows or doors. Circulate a petition in your neighborhood and seek the help of your city councilman, township supervisor, or other elected official.

My neighbors and I were able to get the ugliest house on our block cleaned up some. The lawn was mowed and the garbage removed. We could not get rid of the rooster, but a call to our local humane society motivated them to provide proper (and a bit more attractive) accommodations for the chickens. A victory for our property value, a loss for sleeping late on Sunday mornings.

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Generating Leads With The Internet

If you make a living with a real estate license anywhere in the country, you know that generating leads is crucial to your career. To be successful in a tough economy, you will have to get creative about how you generate real estate leads. The days of sitting in your office waiting for the leads to call in or walk in the door are long gone. These days when people are looking for real estate, the first place they turn to for help and information is the internet, and if you want the business, they had better be able to find you the internet.

Developing your online presence is crucial to generating leads online. Buyers and sellers will begin searching for real estate information sometimes months or years before they are ready to make a move. It is important to your success that you develop ways to turn today’s leads into tomorrow’s clients. Having a website that offers tools that buyers and sellers can use to find information is a great way to generate leads. Keeping your online content fresh and constantly updated is important to ensure the maximum traffic and the most viable leads to work with. In addition to having a website, Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites are powerful tools for anyone with a real estate license.

Besides creating a large presence for yourself online, there are also lead generating services that you can employ as a tool to generate leads. These businesses have websites where people can enter their information in order to be contacted by a real estate professional. These names will be sold to real estate agents and brokers by the lead generating service. Each service operates differently. Some companies offer exclusive leads and other companies will have their staff review the leads prior to selling them. Of course when you use a lead generating service, you will not necessarily know whether the information entered online is true and accurate, but successful real estate agents will tell you that all leads are worth following up on.

To be successful in the real estate market today it does not hurt to cover all of the bases. Even if you have a strong online presence, you could use outside lead generating services also. To be a successful real estate agent you must exhaust every angle of every available lead, so it makes sense that the more leads you have to work with today, the more clients you will have in the future. It is just good business to generate as many viable leads as you can in any way that you can.

The key to being successful working with a real estate licensehas always been the same, generate the leads, work them, make the sales, and close the deals. What has changed dramatically over the last decade is how we generate those leads. Generating leads with the internet is crucial to a successful career with a real estate license.  The internet and a real estate license positions you for success!

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Marketing Tips To Increase Your Real Estate Business!

While the country’s real estate market is slowly working its way back to life, people making a living with a real estate license have had to get creative with marketing strategies to remain successful. There are a number of simple things that you can to do to continue to build your real estate business, regardless of the state of the economy. Just following these three simple tips can make a tremendous difference in who is successful with their real estate license, and who is still struggling in a rebounding real estate market.

Be more than a real estate agent, be a real estate expert.

These days, the first professional that people will consult for their real estate needs does not have a real estate license; it is the internet. Clients have a lot of information before they go looking for a professional with a real estate license.  If you want to be the one who gets the business, then you will need to show potential customers that you have information and expertise that they cannot find on the internet. Not only should you know the area and be able to point out the schools, local shopping, entertainment; you should know everything there is to know about a neighborhood or property. Having knowledge of indirect fields that have little to do with your particular expertise is important to being more than just a real estate agent. From available mortgage programsto knowinga good moving company, the more information you can provide, the more business you will generate.

Really listen to the clients wants, and know what they need

Today’s home buyers and sellers will sign the real estate agent that they feel they can trust. Knowing what your customer needs and providing it quickly and efficiently builds the trust that will get you the commission. To really understand their needs, it takes more than just answering questions;you will need to ask some question as well. Find out what exactly they need and what is important to them in their home. The most important thing to remember is that when they answer, you have to really hear what they are saying. The real estate agent that best meets the customer’s needs will have a customer for life.

Always keep your word.

The largest complaint people have when they are unhappy with a real estate agent is that they did not do what they promised to do. They would say they would call back or take care of something and then not be heard from again. With trust being a crucial part of building your business, keeping your word is necessary to building that trust. If you say you will call, you must call. If you say you will be there, be there on time. If you promise information, you must deliver, and if you cannot, you must let the customer know as soon as possible.

Anyone can earn a real estate license, but it takes a lot of hard work to turn that real estate license into a successful real estate business. Using these simple tips will help you increase your real estate business in any economy.  A real estate license positions you for success, however, it takes hard work to be successful!

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