Real Estate License Reciprocity

Increasing your customer base is crucial to being a successful real estate agent. Many times real estate agents work in areas bordering other states that offer additional opportunities for growth. The bad news is, if you do not have a real estate license in that state then you cannot work there. The good news is if that state allows real estate license reciprocity, you could become licensed in that state as well and take your career to the next level.

Real estate license reciprocity is an agreement between states that allows you to get a license in another state; in most cases simply by taking the reciprocal state’s exam. As long as you hold a valid real estate license in your current state, you are a few questions away from a second real estate license that could enlarge the real estate market that you work in and increasing commissions beyond anything you could imagine.

There are a number of states that have real estate markets that cross over each into other.  New York and Pennsylvania have reciprocal agreements with each other as well as with Connecticut. With New York and Pennsylvania sharing 300 miles of bordering land, real estate agents can be licensed in both states creating a whole new market for you to take advantage of.

Florida is another one of the states that offers reciprocity to nine states, including the three states that border it; Mississippi, Georgia and Alabama. Florida is one of the states that do not require you to take the entire state exam; just a 40 question test regarding Florida real estate law. Upon passing the test, you can earn your Florida real estate license and expand your territory throughout the Gulf States.

Connecticut is also one of the nine states that have reciprocity agreements with Florida. Given the market of people living in Connecticut that will sell their home in order to purchase a home in Florida to retire in the income potential is tremendous. There is no reason to forfeit the commission on the Florida home your clients purchase. Just by taking the short exam on Florida real estate law will open you up to work both homes with your clients and double your commission.

If you are a broker there is opportunity as well. The Florida State broker’s license courses can be found online, and as long as you have held a license in any state at all for a minimum of two years, you can become a Florida real estate broker.

Today’s technology allows real estate agents to promote themselves and their properties worldwide. It stands to reason that you would use that technology to expand your career. Real estate reciprocity can offer a way to grow your career to new heights by opening the door to a real estate career in another state, without having to repeat the complete real estate license coursework. Simply pass the test offered on that state’s real estate laws and start closing deals.  And if you’re looking for a real estate school where you can train to begin a real estate career, you’ve found the right place!  Real Estate Express is “America’s Favorite Real Estate School“!

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About The Author: Tom Davidson is the acting Director of Sales & Operations for Express Schools, LLC. Since 1996 the companies under this banner have offered online real estate licensing and insurance licensing courses as well as online real estate exam prep and insurance exam prep.

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