How Long Does it Take to get a Real Estate License?

People looking for a new career in tough economic times have many choices of degree and certification programs that can train you in a brand new field or offer you an undergraduate degree in 18 to 24 months. The trouble with many of these programs is there is no guarantee how many people will find employment that will pay you enough to repay the debt heir education put them in, let alone employment in the field they chose. To spend all that money and more than a year of study to not be guaranteed a career is not practical for most people who have a family to support. An option for those could be a career in real estate. A real estate license can be earned at a fraction of the cost and in much less time than it takes to earn a traditional degree.

So, how long does it take to get your real estate license? That depends upon many factors. Educational requirements can vary greatly from one state to the next. In some states the required coursework to qualify to sit for the real estate examination is extensive, even requiring a college degree; however, this is not the norm. Most states have a prerequisite number of hours of specified coursework that must be completed at an approved, accredited real estate school. In many states the coursework can be completed in weeks. To sit for the Florida real estate exam requires 63 hours of approved classes and a New York State real estate license requires just 75 hours. Other states have more lengthy requirements. California, for example, requires completion of three 45 hour long courses to sit for the California real estate exam; less than 300 class hours are needed to sit for the Colorado real estate broker exam.

Where you get your real estate education will also contribute to how long to get real estate license. One option is a traditional real estate school. Depending upon the state that you are in and the number of hours the school chosen offers per week, in most cases the educational requirements can be completed in only 4-6 months. An online real estate school can decrease the educational period from a few months to mere weeks. An accredited online real estate school will allow people to study at their own pace whenever and wherever they chose. Coursework can be completed in significantly less time for motivated individuals.  Do your research to determine which is the best online real estate school.

The application and exam process can also vary, adding anywhere from days to several weeks onto the time it takes to get a real estate license. Many states have automated the process of submitting your license application and taking your real estate exam. Some states will provide you test results and a temporary license at the test site. States that have not yet upgraded to an automated licensing system will still require mailing of applications and waiting for exam results to be released and the license to be sent to the broker of record.

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About The Author: Tom Davidson is the acting Director of Sales & Operations for Express Schools, LLC. Since 1996 the companies under this banner have offered online real estate licensing and insurance licensing courses as well as online real estate exam prep and insurance exam prep.

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