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Know what the Pennsylvania Real Estate License State Requirements are before you start taking courses

Real estate license | Pennsylvania state requirement

When you're getting your Real Estate License in Pennsylvania, you want to make sure you thoroughly understand the licensing requirements. Every state is different so if you're interested in getting licensed across different states, be sure to carefully review the requirements for Pennsylvania. Visit Pennsylvania State Real Estate Commission website to learn more about the specific real estate license requirements.

Over 8,000 students in Pennsylvania have used Real Estate Express online pre-license and exam prep courses to get their licenses. Our real estate and exam prep courses are designed with Pennsylvania's state requirements in mind. The state of Pennsylvania has specific requirements for real estate agent and brokers' licenses and we make sure our online real estate license courses meet the requirements for Pennsylvania.

Requirements - real estate license Pennsylvania requirement

When it comes to getting your real estate license in Pennsylvania, you need to be 18 years old. Additionally, you must meet the following education requirements:

  • Have successfully completed four credits, or 60 hours of instruction, in basic real estate courses as determined by the Commission

  • Submit a completed examination application to the Commission or its designee with the examination fee

If you've completed a Bachelor's degree from an accredited school or a Juris doctor degree from an accredited law school, you may not be required to show completion of coursework in specific areas of study.

As a part of the Commission's reciprocity program, Pennsylvania recognizes real estate licenses from other states. They are:

  • Arkansas

  • Georgia

  • Louisiana

  • Maryland

  • Massachusetts

  • New York

  • West Virginia

Real estate license Pennsylvania state requirement

The following are requirements to obtain your Pennsylvania real estate license:

  • Have a passing grade on each part of salesperson's licensing exam within 3 years prior to the license submission

  • Complete license application

  • Pay the license fee

  • Submit a completed license application to the Commission with a sworn statement from the broker with whom the applicant desires to be affiliated

  • Official transcripts evidencing the acquisition of degrees or course credits required by 35.272(a)(2)

Continuing education - real estate license Pennsylvania state requirement

To fulfill continuing education requirements for the state of Pennsylvania, you will need to complete the following:

  • 14 hours be completed in required topics

  • Continuing education is required is required for the first two years after you receive your license

  • If you are newly licensed, you'll need to complete the Commission-developed 14-hour required courses for new licensees in satisfaction of the continuing education requirement (49 Pa. Code 35.384(b))

  • If you're licensed as a salesperson, you must complete the General Module and either the Residential or Commercial Modules before you can renew their license

The following elective course topics are acceptable for continuing education:

(Section 35.384, 49 Pa. Code 35.384).

  • Real estate ethics

  • Laws affecting real estate

  • Real estate financing and mathematics

  • Real estate valuation and evaluation

  • Property management

  • Land use and zoning

  • Income taxation as applied to real property

  • Ad valorem tax assessment and special assessments

  • Consumer protection and disclosures

  • Agency relationships

  • Landlord-tenant laws

  • Environmental issues in real estate

  • Antitrust issues in real estate

  • Current litigation related to real estate

  • Legal instruments related to real estate transactions

  • Legalities of real estate advertising

  • Developments in building construction techniques, materials and mechanical systems

  • Real estate investment analysis

  • Management of real estate brokerage operations

  • Property development

  • Real estate securities and syndication

  • Real property exchange

  • Broker courses encompassing supervisory duties and standards of conduct and practice contained in Subchapter E relating to standards of conduct and practice

  • Marketing promotion and advertising of real estate inventory

  • Use of technology in delivering real estate services

Time to renew

You'll know it's time to renew your Pennsylvania real estate license, as it will be shown on the wall certificate or on the wallet card. You can check the status of your license online All real estate licenses expire at the same time May 31st of each even numbered year.

An inactive license

If your license remains inactive for five years, then you'll need to take the exam and pass it again. If your license has been revoked or suspended, then you'll need to petition the Commission for reinstatement.

Renewing your real estate license - Pennsylvania state requirement

To renew your real estate license you'll need to be mindful of the following

  • 14 hours of continuing education are required to renew/reactivate a license

  • The renewal period starts on June 1 and runs until May 31 of the next even year

  • For renewals, the hours must be completed during the renewal period, before the expiration date

  • For reactivations, the hours must be completed within the 2 years immediately preceding the submission of the reactivation application.

If you need to request a waiver

If you cannot complete the continuing education because of active military service, illness, emergency, or hardships, then you can request a waiver. You will need to submit the following to the commission:

  • A letter detailing the reason(s) the waiver is needed;

  • If the request is being submitted due to an illness, a current letter from the licensee's medical or osteopathic physician outlining the medical condition and prognosis, and explaining why it is not possible for the licensee to complete either education alternative;

  • If the request is being submitted due to active military service, a copy of the licensee's orders verifying the dates of active service.

  • Waiver letters and attachments must be received by March 31 of the renewal year. Requests received after March 31 may not be considered before the renewal deadline and may result in the inability to practice.

If within the two-year renewal period you have been issued or if you have reactivated your license, your license is eligible for a full waiver of the continuing education requirement. (49 Pa. Code 35.383(a)(1))

Contacting the Pennsylvania Department of State

If you have real estate requirement questions Pennsylvania Department of State, call Phone - (717) 783-3658, Fax - (717) 787-0250, or email them,

Good to know

  • If you've been convicted of a crime it will take additional time to review and process your license.

  • A Broker-Sole Proprietor and a Broker of Record may serve as the broker of record as well for more than one real estate entity.

  • A salesperson can only be employed by one broker at a time.

When you're applying for your real estate license, make sure the forms are filled out completely. Common errors include:

  • Not completing all sections of the application

  • Providing the broker of record license number (RM), rather than the broker license number (RB or SB), for the employing broker information

  • Providing the incorrect fee

  • Not providing all attachments that are required

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