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Kansas Real Estate Practices Course

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You Must Complete This Course Before Applying For A Sales Person's License

To get licensed in Kansas, you must take the 30-hour Principles of Real Estate course. Within twelve months of passing the Principles course, you must pass the state exam and take the 30-hour Kansas Practice course prior to submitting your application for licensure with the Kansas Real Estate Commission. Take all 30 hours of your Kansas Real Estate Practices course online, whenever and wherever you prefer, right here at RealEstateExpress.com.

This new Kansas Real Estate Practice course will cover the many topics under the umbrella of Kansas real estate law. Subjects discussed in this course range from the Kansas Broker Disclosure form, Listing Agreements, Residential Real Estate Contracts, and Brokerage Agreements. Other lessons include those on Property Valuations, Financing, Environmental Issues, Land and Improvements, Legal Issues and others.

This course contains 24 user-friendly units:

  1. Real Estate Brokerage Relationships Brochure
  2. Listing a Property
  3. Buyer Representation – Listing the Buyer
  4. Acting as a Transaction Broker
  5. Termination of Brokerage Relationships
  6. Compensation
  7. Things to Remember when Working with Another Company
  8. Listing Agents, Subagents, Single Agents
  9. Showing Another Firm’s Listing
  10. Pricing Residential Property
  11. Pricing Non-Residential Property
  12. The Appraiser’s Role
  13. Types of Financing
  14. Buyers Estimated Closing Costs
  15. Sellers Estimated Closing Costs
  16. How to Avoid Problems when Writing a Sales Contract
  17. Things to Remember about Earnest Money before Writing a Sales Contract
  18. Definition and Types of Misrepresentation
  19. Misrepresentation Red Flags
  20. Ways to Avoid Misrepresentation
  21. Procedure Upon Discovery
  22. Environmental Issues
  23. Land and Improvements
  24. Legal Issues

RealEstateExpress.com was one of the first schools to offer the entire 30-hour KS Practices course online, so you can complete your KREC requirements from the comfort and convenience of your home or office, whenever you have time. Simply click on any Register Now link on this page, and you'll get the KS scholarship for a low price of only $129, and be on your way!


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