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Colorado Real Estate License Requirements

Applicants who wish to apply for a Colorado Real Estate Broker's License must follow the steps below:

Complete the Education, Experience and Exam Requirements
Click here for information on the coursework and exam requirements for licensure.

For information about the real estate broker examination program, including reservation and application processes, click on the following hyperlink: Broker Candidate Bulletin

To make an exam reservation click here: PSI website, or call PSI's Candidate Care Center at 1-(800) 733-9267.

PSI will require an education certificate prior to sitting for their state exam. Education certificates are furnished by the real estate schools after completion of the course requirements. Official transcripts are required for applicants who qualify based on a degree with a major course of study in real estate from an accredited college or university.

An exam score report is furnished immediately upon completing the exam. Exam scores will be sent to the DRE electronically and you will not need to include score reports with your application. The real estate license examination is made up of two parts, the general part, and the local (state) part. Applicants for licensure who must receive passing scores on both the general part and the state part of the examination need not receive them on the same administration date. If one part is failed, the applicant may retake it at a subsequent time. In no event will a passing score on either part be accepted beyond one year.

You must obtain a certificate of license history from each jurisdiction in which you hold or have held a real estate license. If the other license is current (active or inactive), the certificate must be less than 90 days old when you submit your Colorado application. If the other license is expired, the certificate must be dated after the license expiration date. (NOTE: Each state/jurisdiction responds to requests for certification of license history with varying degrees of timeliness. Plan ahead for this so as to avoid delay in submitting your Colorado application.

In addition to determining competency standards, the Real Estate Commission is authorized by statute to require and procure proof of the truthfulness, honesty and good moral character of any applicant.

PRIOR to submitting an application for a license: each applicant shall submit a set of fingerprints to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation for the purpose of conducting a state and national criminal history record check. Click here for more information.

STEP 3: ERRORS AND OMISSIONS (E&O) INSURANCE. You must have E&O insurance in place on your license before it will be issued on active status. Talk to your employing broker, as some have purchased independent E&O policies.
If you or your broker use the state-endorsed group policy, the vendor, Rice Insurance Services Company (RISC) will automatically download your coverage into our database.
You may enroll in the group policy on-line at or call them at 1 (800) 637-7319.

If you have independent coverage, you must certify coverage to the commission on the form "Certificate of Independent Coverage".

E&O is not required if you are requesting an "Inactive Status" license. A license will not print if you are issued an Inactive license. You will need to check for your status at Online Services.

STEP 4: COMPLETE THE Application Form. Enclose all required documentation and appropriate application fee. You may deliver or mail the application to the DRE. Don't forget that exam scores are only valid for one year. Processing of your application may take up to six weeks. Initial licenses will be issued for a three-year period expiring on the anniversary date of the issuance.

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