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Learn how some of the worlds wealthiest people made their fortunes in real estate and why now just may be the best time to begin a career in real estate.



Have you ever wondered how America’s most prosperous people made most of their money?

Whether you look at the Rockefellers a century ago, or Donald Trump today, their fortunes rose the most through real estate. There’s a good reason that the world is coming to the United States with pockets full of cash, buying up real estate today. It is the opportunity of a lifetime!

Don’t let the so called housing crisis, or all the bad news surrounding the financial industry dissuade you. The time to enter this exciting, exploding industry is now.

Did you know that today there are more opportunities for licensed real estate agents, than ever before? Thanks to the attrition of licensed salespersons and brokers over the past years of downturn, and the explosive growth of foreign investment and foreign workers moving to this country, the outlook for real estate professionals is bright.

Three forces are driving the need for more licensed real estate professionals today:

First, The attrition, or retirement of yesterday’s agents because of age. Over 20% of all licensed agents in the most populous states were 60 years or older when the real estate bubble burst in 2007. The National Association of Realtors that year announced for the first time in its history, the organization was actually losing members.

Second, The great reduction in “part-time” salespersons. Until 2007, most brokerage firms in the major states had over half of their salespeople classified as part-time. These included people who held other full-time jobs, homemakers who worked only when their children were at school, and the semi-retired. After the real estate bubble burst, many of those part-time agents never renewed their licenses. As ARELLO reported in their Real Estate Digest, in many states 2008 was the first year they saw a reduction in total licensees.

Lastly, The coming real estate boom… Every real estate bust is followed by a real estate boom.  As you just learned, there are far fewer real estate agents and brokers out there today but the need for their services is about to explode.  Prices are lower than they have been in years and interest rates are still at historic lows.   We are about to see home sales accelerate so the need for agents and brokers will increase as will the opportunities.   Don’t’ wait until the nightly news is reporting that housing sales are exploding and then get your license .  Get it now before the boom begins.  The Rockefellers and the Trumps were proactive not reactive.  Take a lesson from these masters and prepare yourself for the upcoming opportunity now.

When you add it all up, the opportunities for new licensed real estate agents have never been greater than they are today!

So don’t wait. The time is now to jump into this exciting, wealth-building field.

Who knows, you may be the next Rockefeller!


William Clement, a real estate broker from Chicago, IL shares his experience about getting his broker's license.



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