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No Computer or Internet Experience Required! - It Couldn't be any Simpler!

Unlike other computer-based courses, with

  • You don't need ANY downloads or special programs;
  • You aren't restricted as to when, and how long you are online;
  • You don't need any special skills to access and take classes, anytime day or night.

If you've ever used another online real estate school you've no doubt experienced this... "Is your PC compatible with our system? You'll need to download this... Install this... etc...". was designed with simplicity in mind from the very beginning. We want our system to be the easiest and most reliable one available - and it is!

When you take a course through you won't have to download software off the internet because our system takes advantage of what you already have installed on your computer! If you have an internet browser and an internet connection (which obviously you do) you can take our courses. You won't have the headaches of installing new software on your computer or wrestle with compatibility issues. works and as a result we get practically no Technical Support inquiries at all. Good for you and good for us too!

These are the minimum system requirements for optimum use:

Operating System: Windows (2000, Me, XP or higher) and Macintosh.
Microprocessor: 486/25 or higher
Memory: 64 MB minimum (greater memory will improve performance and recommended)
Internet Browser: Our course is best viewed in Internet Explorer but also works perfectly in Firefox/Mozilla.
We support all versions of Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher. If you need to upgrade your version on Internet Explorer, please go to You may also use Safari in versions 3.0 or higher. If you need to upgrade your version on Safari, please go to

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