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Real Estate Career Starter 5-Part Video Series

Every day we speak with scores of people just like you who are interested in beginning a new career in real estate. Our guidance counselors typically answer questions that range from how long it takes to enter the field (not long at all!), and how to get licensed, to what the lifestyle of today’s real estate professional is like.

To give you this critical career information in a super-fast way, we’ve asked Jan to share her answers to these questions in this series of 5 short videos. Each is less than 3 minutes, and they will give you an insider’s view on how you too can enter, and succeed, in this exciting field.


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How to Fulfill Your Dreams Through a Career in Real Estate (2:25)

How to Change Careers in Less Than 3 Weeks (3:03)

How to Jump Into a Real Estate Career Fast (2:07)

The Lifestyle of a Successful Real Estate Agent (2:25)

Dealing With Careers - How Real Estate Gets You There Fastest (2:28)


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