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Fulfilling your state-mandated Continuing Education requirements can be fun and informative! No one gives you more for your time and money than RealEstateExpress.com. Look at all you get, included in your CE package:


This is the highly acclaimed book that has launched or improved the careers of tens of thousands of real estate professionals. What it is designed to do is simple and straightforward - help you to avoid the traps and trouble that so often beset new agents, and, put the tools into your hands today that will help ensure a long-term, profitable business tomorrow and for years to come. Yes, you can be highly successful in real estate in the post-recession marketplace, and you can earn incredible income in this field. Just follow the guidelines of best-selling author G. Liam Thompson’s formula as found in “Licensed to Soar!” Retail Value $25.00

Almost a century ago this classic Business School textbook was developed to help guide both students and professionals in the art of business correspondence. Since then, hundreds of thousands of individuals have used this example-rich text as a “Business Bible” when it comes to communications. Included in the 24 information-packed chapters are topics such as:  preparing to write the letter; how to open the letter, how to present the proposition convincingly, making an effective close; how to acquire a forceful style and inject originality; how to adapt selling appeal to different prospects and get orders. Plus, it includes practical templates illustrated by extracts from 217 actual letters. Retail Value $20

Whether you speak in front of groups or individuals, as a salesperson, nothing can be substituted for personal sincerity. Unless you thoroughly believe in the message you wish to convey to others, you are not likely to impress them favorably. It was said of an eminent British orator, that when one heard him speak in public, one instinctively felt that there was something finer in the man than in anything he said. This book is the quintessential guide to help you learn how to convey the truth of your message. Then your speech will be truly eloquent, people will respond, and your business will grow. Retail Value $20.00

Successful real estate professionals understand there is more to the job than just the show. In this classic book, the self-described “Greatest Showman in History” reveals his secrets for accumulating vast sums of wealth so that anyone can follow his program and become rich. After a wonderful career in which he made and lost fortunes, captivated Kings and Queens, and used his genius, wit and eloquence, P.T. Barnum wrote these golden rules for making money that are still valid and repeatable by today’s successful entrepreneurs. Retail Value $20.00

Ever been to a Doctor’s office without seeing walls covered with diplomas and certificates? You’re a professional also, so why not show it? Your clients and co-workers alike will be impressed with this suitable for framing Certificate of your successful Continuing Education completion achievement. If you have a big office, print out as many as you like! Retail Value $5.00

No one ever fails to successfully complete their CE courses with RealEstateExpress.com because they couldn’t pass a quiz or exam – because we make sure you get lots of chances, FREE! If your dog knocked over your computer stand, you were interrupted, or just had a bad day, no worries! Unlimited Exam Resets means you always have another chance at no additional cost. Retail Value $15.00



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