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Oregon Real Estate Continuing Education is faster and easier than ever! And now, the BEST DEAL in the state! Take all 30 hours of your CORE and ELECTIVE Continuing Education courses online, whenever you want, without ever having to leave home, and pay only $139!

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Oregon Real Estate Continuing Education Courses

The Fastest, Easiest Continuing Education in Oregon

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  Course Name Credit Hours Regular Price Best Buy*
Core Course
Oregon LARRC 2014-2015 3 $25.00 $13.90
Elective Courses
Anti-Trust and Lead Paint 3 $25.00 $13.90
Commercial Brokerage Specializations 3 $25.00 $13.90
Commercial Property Analysis 3 $25.00 $13.90
Environmental Issues in Real Estate 3 $25.00 $13.90
Ethics Training for Today's Real Estate Agent 3 $25.00 $13.90
Fair Housing, the Law of the Land 3 $25.00 $13.90
Property Management 3 $25.00 $13.90
Residential Finance 3 $25.00 $13.90
Risky Business - Risk Mgmt Techniques 3 $25.00 $13.90
Short Sales and Foreclosures 3 $25.00 $13.90
Working with Diversity to Assist the Consumer 3 $25.00 $13.90
Working With Seniors 3 $25.00 $13.90


Your Total Price: $0

Renewal Requirements Starting January 1, 2011
Real estate licensees (brokers, principal brokers and property managers) must:
  • Complete 30 hours of continuing education every renewal period (generally 2 every two years) within the eligible course topics
  • Complete a three-hour Law and Rule Required Course every renewal as part of the 30-hour requirement; AND
  • Maintain their own records of continuing education for hours completed on or after January 1, 2011. Records include certificates of attendance issued by providers AND the Continuing Education Record form.

First Time Renewals: Starting January 1, 2011, new real estate brokers must:
  • Complete the 30-hour Advanced Real Estate Practices course containing the three-hour Law and Rule Required Course before their first active license renewal.

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